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SafeGuard Kids

SafeGuard Kids


What is SafeGuard Kids?

SafeGuard Kids is a very special bullyproof program taught exclusively at the Aikido Network. The ultimate purpose of the SafeGuard Kids program is to empower and equip children with the confidence and courage to face adversity, challenging situations, and navigate bullying successfully. The curriculum has been professionally designed to teach children how to use their voice, and to stand up for themselves in a peaceful, respectable and appropriate manner, using assertion and not aggression. To help kids navigate conflict more effectively, we incorporate role playing, and have kids play both roles, in order to understand the perspective of each side. The SafeGuard Kids program is a result of many, many years of research, testing, and development.

Why SafeGuard Kid’s?

The First, and MOST IMPORTANT step for kids to do when targeted by a bully, is to stand up for themselves verbally.  Many children are not confident enough to stand up for themselves verbally, because they are not confident enough in their ability to defend themselves physically.  That is where this program comes in! The SafeGuard Kids Bullyproof program does NOT show kids how to fight or get into more fights—it is just the opposite.  The SafeGuard Kids program helps kids not to feel powerless or helpless, and gives their parents peace of mind, knowing that their child will make the best decisions and be able to “handle” a situation better than if they had not received this specific training.

The Benefits

Your child will no longer be a potential target, or victimized by bullies if they follow the SafeGuard Kids program. Your child will have more confidence and courage to deal with any situation if, and when it arises.

This program is specifically designed as a powerful step-by-step process for your child, that is easy to follow and remembered in a time of stress and panic.


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