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Lead Like A Warrior In Action

Win in your mind FIRST, before you set foot in the battlefield of life.

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, executive, manager or leader that would like to take your personal and professional leadership to the master level? Would you like to start leading with confidence, courage and clarity?

Personal and business life can get so overwhelming that it is easy to take the most important things for granted; family, self-care and personal/professional development, to name a few. This program will set you on your path to achieving your desired outcome, so you can life fully engaged.

We live in a world where we can get over exposed and under developed personally and professionally. It is very easy to lose our direction, and get off track. How does an executive, manager or leader choose the right training program that is sustainable?

EASY. Select the program that aligns with your ethics, value system, who you want to become, and where you want to go.

The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program focuses on the core issues that every leader needs to address in order to be effective and efficient. Being able to make quick and wise decisions is one of the executive leaders’ greatest challenges, and best attributes. In this program, executives will learn how to win in their minds first, and lead with confidence, courage and clarity. The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program helps leaders think tactically and strategically, to reduce the response time it takes to make a decision. This crucial time gap could mean the difference between failure and success, essentially winning or learning.

Like a good boy scout, in today’s super fast paced world, we must be prepared for the known, the unknown, and the unknowable. The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program teaches leaders how to cut through the clutter and chaos to become a master level performer.

Since 2010, the Warriorfit Leadership coaching program has trained leaders from all over Ontario and Quebec, including individuals and groups, small business owners, corporations, executives, police agencies, colleges and universities, and leaders from all walks of life. Many have even gone through our valuable training multiple times – each time bringing something new, back to enhance their leadership performance skills.

How does our coaching program work?

The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program is based on the idea of “merging the heart and mind into purposeful action”. We understand that leadership is a verb, and therefore means going first, and setting the example. We train executives in our unique 6-Cylinder integrated Leadership training model. The holistic approach empowers leaders to be balanced in all areas of human development; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We also believe that awareness and intuition have a big role to play during a leaders’ greatest challenges. The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program works with individuals and groups in developing these essential areas in order to move their mission forward towards excellence, with masterful skill. The Warriorfit Leadership coaching program breaks down the barriers of fear, insecurity, anxiety, negativity and stress, and rebuilds stronger, more resilient and unbeatable individuals and teams.

Presentations, workshops, private one-on-one coaching, and eight-week programs are available to help you and/or your team to lead with greater confidence, courage and clarity.

Derek Bindner, CEO, 6th Dan and Leadership Coach 

As a multiple blackbelt martial arts instructor, author, trainer, speaker, and veteran executive and close protection specialist, Derek Bindner knows a few things about leading in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous) world, and what it takes to operate at the highest level.

In the Warriorfit Leadership coaching program, Derek Bindner draws from his over three decades of evaluated experiences as a team leader for an executive protection firm, an ex-bouncer, a lifetime martial artist and owner/operator of the Bindner Academy since 1997, a husband, and a father of two, very busy young children.

For more information, or to book your training or presentation, call 519-660-0992 or email info@BindnerBJJ.com

Our clients include:

LaRose Psychology, 3M, Mac Outpost, TD Canada Trust, Cooperators Insurance, members of the Montreal and London Police Services, and O.P.P., Western University, Wilfrid Laurier University, Huron, Brescia, Lambton, and Fanshawe Colleges, The Thames Valley District School Board, the London District Catholic School Board, Waterloo Region District School Board, Investing in Children, the London Public Library, Children’s Aid Society, Cartier Partners Financial Group, CultureWorks Inc., London Protection International, Event Security Investigation Specialists, Davis Electric, The Entrepreneur Nation, and the Optimist clubs of Byron and Hyde Park.

What Clients are saying…

I hold Warriorfit and Derek Bindner responsible for putting me on a better path in life that I am still on today. It is not only a great workout, it teaches you that when the going get’s tough and your brain is screaming at you to stop, you really can push past that and actually learn to enjoy or embrace the challenge at hand. I feel that has translated into not only me being in the best physical shape of my life, at 42 years old, I also feel I can make better decisions as a business owner and more importantly, a father. I now crave taking on new physical and mental challenges and conquering them… and then of course passing on that knowledge and mindset to my children, and others, and leading them by example.

I joined a Warriorfit class in March of 2017 and kept going for a year or more. I was not in shape… I was never an athlete and didn’t play sports at any point in my life… I didn’t know what to expect… but it was a truly life altering decision to attend that first class, and I’m very thankful I did.

-D. Davis, Owner of Davis Electrical

Professor Derek Bindner visited my class to speak about the relationship between mind and body. My students had been reading about Aikido and doing basic exercises as part of the course requirements, but Derek’s seminar really brought ideas about harmony, centre, and peak performance to life. Students were unanimous in their praise for the effectiveness and inventiveness of the seminar. Some students even said that Derek’s seminar should be required for all university students to help them rise above stress to find success!

-Dr. John Corr, Wilfrid Laurier University, Department of English & Film Studies & Contemporary Studies

The Executive Warriorfit  Leadership program run by Derek Bindner at Bindner Academy is a challenging and enjoyable workout. The self-protection program Derek teaches as part of the boot camp is practical and he gives detailed instruction on how and when to implement each technique. As usual, Derek always keeps the mood of the sessions light and fun but works his students hard at the same time. Highly recommended and I will be returning again when I can fit it into my schedule.

-John Hauffe,MA,  Co-owner Mac Outpost and Outpost 2

Warriorfit IS Leadership In Action!

Customized training workshops may be commissioned upon request. Duration times for the current workshops may be shortened or extended as required.

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