Kids Aikido

Kids Aikido


“We only get one chance to prepare our children for a future that none of us can possibly predict. What are we going to do with that one chance?”

– Stephen R. Covey

Why the Aikido Kids Program?

If kids aren’t proactively taught how to develop a mindset based on empowerment and leadership, it will evolve on its own as a result of exposure from the media, influence from their peers, and how they decide to interpret their life experiences. This often leads to frustrated kids with a mindset based on entitlement, instant gratification, materialism and victimization. This can also lead into following the “wrong crowd” – something none of us want for our kids!

From the very first class, Aikido is directly relevant to the everyday lives of our students. While our programs promote physical fitness, and practical methods of self-defense, we also foster a greater appreciation for self-control and mental awareness.

The physical aspects of your child’s training will improve balance, coordination, range of motion and stamina. The mental aspects of your child’s training will develop confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, awareness and focus.

How is this achieved?

The beauty of Aikido is that it is a life-affirming martial art, and not an aggressive martial art. This means that it is more about defending and defusing potentially threatening situations than it is about causing physical harm. Children are taught that punching and kicking are not acceptable ways of dealing with conflict.  Instead, they are taught that the most appropriate response to an attack is simply to get out of the way, and then if necessary, to control the attacker and negotiate.

Your child’s development always comes first.  Aikido is a non-competitive, non-aggressive and non-violent martial art, that teaches a “win/win” approach to conflict resolution. Instead of doing Aikido to or against an opponent, Aikido is done with a partner. There are no tournaments, so your child receives all the positive benefits of martial arts training without the added pressures and costs of competition. In Aikido, no child ever feels like a “loser.” And unlike many team sports, there are no bench warmers sitting on the sidelines. Every student participates fully in every class.

  • Aikido will not teach your child how to fight or how to be a hero.
  • Aikido will not teach your child to use violence as a strategy to solve problems.

Instead, Aikido will teach your child how to avoid, manage, and minimize violence.

Our school teaches Aikido and the discipline associated with the martial arts. Our students learn, that through their Aikido training, they have the ability to take positive actions that yield positive results.

In a world that often seems increasingly complex, we teach children to be confident in their own ability. Training at Bindner’s Aikido Network helps strengthen character and solidify family ties. We develop coping skills and foster a sense of community.  Students of Bindner’s Aikido Network exercise strong minds, build healthy bodies, and nurture a happy and joyful spirit.

“The best thing I ever did for my children, was start them in Aikido classes.”

Experts agree that martial arts is one of the very best ways to help children gain self-discipline, respect and confidence—essential traits for success in school, at home, and in life.

Within our Kids Aikido courses, is a built in leadership training program. The belt system gives structure to kids classes and establishes goal setting as a learned skill. More importantly, it helps foster a mentoring relationship. Your child will very early on be called in front of a group to count off repetitions or aid in demonstrating a technique. They will learn to stand tall and confident in front of their peers, in a progressive system geared towards making them into a strong and effective leader. As they advance in skill and leadership ability, they will be taught how to mentor and coach others, how to take charge and how to have a lasting and positive effect on others.



At our academy, your child will achieve these traits plus:

  • Learn Self-Regulation
  • Give and Receive Respect
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Better Grades and Study Habits
  • Gain Self-Control and Inner Peace
  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Improved Health and Fitness
  • More strength and Flexibility
  • Advanced Athletic Skills
  • Anti-Bullying Strategies
  • Enhanced Focus
  • and Tons of Fun!!

Imagine when Your Child Experiences…

  • Grade Improvement: The grades go up and stay up! Our program offers a lot more than just self-defense and physical agility. It is a Martial Arts educational program that will give your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework and organize their time wisely. Ultimately, this leads to better concentration at school and better grades. We make success a habit, not a chore!
  • Leadership Skills: To help them succeed in life! Aikido will teach your child how to set goals and take responsibility for their own actions. These qualities, more than any others, will help your child develop as a leader and not as a follower. This, in turn, will ensure their success in school, and life!
  • Increased Physical Aptitude and Fitness: To help your child develop physically! Our programs increase speed, stamina and agility in children. They also help develop balance, coordination and timing, which helps your child in sports and other activities.
  • Mental/Personal Development: To give your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure! One of the scariest problems facing many parents today is the possibility that their child may become involved with drugs. The number of children taking drugs at a younger age is staggering. Our programs are designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem–giving your child the strength to resist peer pressure.
  • High Energy Classes: Fun-filled classes your child will truly enjoy! From the children’s point of view, the best part about our program is how much fun the classes really are. We focus your child’s energy in a positive and productive manner.
  • Realistic Self-Defense Skills: That could save your child’s life! The fact is, that we live in a world full of undesirable people, with uncertain intentions. Our program teaches your child how to protect themselves in real life threatening situations. This invaluable skill could be the difference between life and death!
  • Personalized Attention: To ensure progress! We focus on quality instruction and personal attention. Our students are treated as individuals. All of our classes are taught by highly trained instructors committed to excellence and continued learning. You’ll feel safe knowing your child is receiving the finest instruction possible!
  • Positive Role Models: Who is influencing your child? Role models play an important role in a child’s development – too important to be left to chance. Our team of certified instructors provide positive role models for your child, teaching them how to resist negative influences.

Our Teaching Approach

We don’t believe in just teaching children how to protect themselves. We work to help build your child’s character. During classes, you’ll see your child’s energy, confidence, and spirit rise while he or she becomes strong and confident. We’re not just talking about physical strength–but the kind of strength it takes to resist peer pressure and other negative aspects of life.

KidsClassCircleHaving fun with friends is one of the benefits of studying Aikido.

Aikido is a rapidly growing martial art, and if you look closely, it’s easy to see why! Aikido is as much about a healthy and confident lifestyle as it is about learning character development, and physical technique.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and give your family a Free introductory tour of our facilities and give your child a 2 week free trial. During the tour we will explain all of the features and benefits of our program, show you our facilities, and answer any questions you might have about our program.

Bullyproofing up-grade program

Our Kids Jiu-Jitsu Bullyproof system is an extra option (up-grade), in addition to the kid’s Aikido program. We focus on anti-bullying and stranger awareness strategies for navigating verbal and physical threats, so kids can stay safe, for your peace of mind.

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