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Seniors In Motion

Connecting Mind and Body Movement to Health, Wellness and Conflict Leadership.

In a world where everything seems to travel at a fast and furious pace, we choose to slow things down and train mindfully and methodically.

What is Seniors In Motion (Universal Movement)?

Universal Movement is an integrated practice that focuses on breathwork, stretching, and functional movement, using proper body mechanics (visible power), and bio mechanics (invisible power), to enhance the ease, power and grace of daily movements. In it’s essence, Universal Movement is performance training for energy management.

Seniors In Motion (60+)

How does Universal Movement work?
Using natural body weight and movement techniques, we use the breath to link the mind with the body, for greater mobility and flow. Let’s face it, life is more enjoyable when we can move freely, without pain and discomfort. Not only will you receive the physical benefits of this exercise, such as increased mobility, flexibility, stability, cardiovascular function, durability and balance, it has been proven that physical exercise also stimulates cognitive capacity. Universal Movement training allows the practitioner to discover, and tap in to their physical intelligence, naturally, which results in greater confidence, self-awareness and peace of mind.

Universal Movement classes will help you increase your range of motion and physical ability so you can lead a fully engaged life.

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