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Getting Started

Your First Class:

Although new students may at first feel clumsy or awkward, they will quickly learn the basic movements, and safe ways of falling on our 1800 square feet of matted training area. Everyone works together to promote co-operation in a safe and comfortable environment. Initially new students are not required to buy their gi (uniform) – also fondly called pajamas. For the first few weeks, they may wear loose, comfortable clothing that has some stretch.

New students will be “coached” by a senior student (sempai) on the mats to make them feel comfortable and to provide support.  We want to encourage and assist you in your Aikido journey.

Our classes consist of a warm-up, followed by rolls (front, backward, advanced), and techniques.  Since all Aikido techniques are based on six basic movements, we practice these six basic movements at the beginning of every class.  Since Aikido was developed by the Japanese, we count in Japanese when we do our warm-ups.  This may seem strange and confusing to newcomers, but since you will hear the Japanese language used many times, it will soon become very familiar.

Our Family Class takes place once a week for half an hour.  The Monday AND Wednesday Children’s Program runs for 45 minutes on each day.  The Children’s Program at St. Theresa’s School in Byron runs for 45 minutes on Thursday evenings only during the academic school year.  Our Saturday morning Children’s Program, also once a week, is 45 minutes in length.  Parents have flexibility in choosing the right program for your child, in conjunction with time constraints that face busy family households.

Adult beginner and basic classes are one hour in length, and run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm.

As in most martial arts, we have a belt system.  The belt system, an external marker of  progress and level of competence and training, provides a curriculum consisting of basic movements and techniques.  To attain each level of excellence, you will test with your peers, at designated test times.  It takes courage, perseverance, and resilience to stay the course.  If it was an easy process, black belts would be commonplace.  They are not.

What you should know:

  1. Wear clean, loose, comfortable clothing, or a plain white uniform
  2. Remove jewelry and any sharp objects prior to training
  3. Bring a water bottle. We also provide water at a nominal cost.
  4. Have good personal hygiene

When you arrive:

  1. Please sign in
  2. Introduce yourself to the instructor prior to participating in class

Your two weeks are FREE.  Later, if you decide to join, please bring the appropriate fees.

Email or call ahead for your first visit.

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