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FUSION: “Preparedness Breeds Confidence”

FUSION is the latest integration of self-protection and conflict navigation program that is accessible for adults 16+, with varying degrees of physical fitness. It blends practical and relevant, critical thinking, psychological, verbal and physical strategies, techniques, and training methods into a single course, for navigating the 4 levels of conflict. These conflict levels range from uncomfortable conversations, offensive and inappropriate actions, to physical encounters, and everything in between.

Our Fusion classes will help you build everlasting confidence, courage and discipline, and increase your personal effectiveness, should verbal or physical conflict arise. You will achieve a challenging work out, while improving your emotional resilience, physical readiness, mental toughness and warrior spirit. The physical techniques are leverage-based, and are designed to minimize injury for both participants. The verbal navigation strategies will help you through difficult conversations at a casual level, and in threatening situations. Fusion is the ultimate training for those who wish to have the ability to access their verbal and physical conflict navigation skills, immediately, to mitigate or prevent unwanted situations, in an intelligent fashion.

Out training requires that participants wear both athletic clothing, and sometimes a martial arts uniform.

Classes are Monday evenings at 8:15-9:15, and Saturday mornings at 10-11am.

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