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Fusion Budo

What is Fusion Budo?

Fusion Budo translates as “Integrated warrior way”.

Fusion Budo is a self-protection leadership program for those who want to learn how to navigate verbal and physical conflict in their personal or professional lives, and restore power, balance, and peace of mind.

Why Fusion Budo at Bindner Academy?

“Preparedness Breeds Confidence”. Fusion Budo blends together ancient warrior wisdom, modern Psychology, physical techniques, and strategies/tactics, to navigate different levels of conflict.  Bindner Academy recognizes that we live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world today, and life favors the prepared in mind, body and spirit. Our goal in this practice, is to develop personal growth, self-protection skills, and physical fitness in each individual. Our focus is on modern, relevant and effective techniques, while maintaining the traditional values of honor, respect and humility. Though the practice was created by blending martial arts, warrior leadership traditions, and combat sports, it is NOT a mixed martial arts program intended for competition. The purpose of our practice, is to build strong individuals who will stand up for themselves, and others, and lead with confidence, courage and clarity, in a powerful way. 

The practice includes verbal de-escalation and conflict navigation techniques, along with methods of grappling and striking at different combative ranges, and with different levels of conflict and combative intent.  This includes restraining and escorting techniques, throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokes and pins, in order to neutralize violence. Blunt and edged weapons are included in the syllabus. Safety and precautionary measures are implemented to limit the possibilities of injuries to all participants.

Fusion Budo is truly something unique, and much needed for today’s “Kodak world”, where we are over exposed and under developed.

How was Fusion Budo Created?

Derek Bindner drew upon his life experiences as an executive and close protection professional (bodyguard), and bouncer, to create a holistic program of self-protection.  By integrating his professional experiences with his extensive training in martial arts, yoga, and combative sports, Derek teaches his students how to successfully navigate conflict and combat with sophistication and efficiency.

Fusion Budo offers the student the opportunity to progress through gradings to the coveted black belt, if they wish. But it is far from the traditional style. You will become strong and fit physically, mentally, and emotionally, and develop an unbeatable spirit, in a safe, non-judgment, and supportive learning environment.

The attacker has a plan. DO YOU?

The physical techniques do not rely on strength, or size, but rather on the intelligent use of tactical strategy and technique to overcome such physical attributes. In this unique program, participants will learn the profiles and tactics of common offenders, how to detect and navigate bad situations, safe methods of employing the mechanical advantage, and combining well-timed movements. This type of intelligent and refined training will not only lower the frequency and severity of injuries, but will also lower the amount of energy the individual expends to accomplish his/her objectives. Our secret is in our training method.

Our scenario-based training requires that participants wear a white martial arts uniform, and/or athletic clothing, as some training occurs outdoors.

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The differences is, discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”   -Jim Rohn

Join us to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Regular on-going classes run every Saturday morning at 10:15-11:15am.

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