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BRAVE Seminar

BRAVE One Day Course

“Battle Ready At Violent Encounters”

Addressing Category 4 Conflict

The BRAVE course is our solution to leading in violent encounters. This is a one day, intensive study of FEAR, and how we can manage it effectively, and ultimately, stay safe. The BRAVE course is not your typical “physical techniques only” self-defense course. The BRAVE course dives much deeper into studies of the human condition and performance capabilities under a stressed, and fear induced state. This day long seminar goes undercover, helping you understand FEAR, and how it can be turned into energy and used as a motivator. Become more powerful by developing mental toughness, emotional control, warrior spirit, and the the 5 P’s of Human Performance.

Get ready to spend a day with us, and become the BRAVE Warrior that you were meant to be!

If you only ever take one self-protection course in your life, THIS IS THE ONE. The BRAVE course is lead by a certified coach, and taught in a clean, safe and supportive environment. Experience the BRAVE course today, it could save your life! BRING A FRIEND and recieve a DISCOUNT!


Because the saying is true…. “Regret weighs pounds, while discipline weighs ounces“. Do not wait until after an encounter has happend, be proactive. Descide to attend NOW, while you have the chance and opportunity! The world is beautiful but unpredictable, and life favours the prepared in mind, body and spirit. Don’t delay!

Learn how to develop and use your natural instincts to navigate an unavoidable attack.

Register for the next seminar, and play an active role in your personal safety and wellbeing!

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