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Aiki-Jitsu Tactics

Aiki-jitsu Tactics

Integrated Safety Training

What is Aiki-jitsu Tactics?

AJT is an integrated personal safety program that is based on the practical application of technique and leverage to overcome an aggressive opponent. It does not rely on strength, size, or speed, but rather on the intelligent use of strategy and technique to overcome such physical attributes. What is required is stamina, technique and spirit. In this unique program, students will learn safe methods of employing the mechanical advantage, using fulcrums and levers, body mechanics, combining well-timed movements, efficient techniques, training methods and strategies. This type of intelligent training will not only lower the frequency and severity of injuries, but will also lower the amount of energy the student expends to accomplish his/her objectives.

AJT Bridges the gap between Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Aiki-jitsu Tactics is not a martial art or a combat sport, but rather a blending of the two. It is made of only the basic, practical and useful self-defense techniques of Yoshinkan Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, with striking added for good measure. It can be described in two words as, “tactical benevolence”, a personal defense system designed for modern times.

Who is Aiki-jitsu Tactics for?

Aiki-jitsu Tactics is for every adult who wishes to take responsibility for their own safety, fitness and wellbeing. AJT is also taught to police officers, law enforcement professionals, and college students as part of their defensive tactics training program.

It is a personal defense and fitness program that is specifically designed to end physical aggression, without delivering harm to either the aggressor or the defender. It is ethical, responsible, benevolent, and is suitable for every adult who wishes to learn how to protect themselves, effectively and efficiently with intelligence.






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