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Adult Aikido

Adult Aikido


Known as “the Art of Peace”, and described as “moving zen”, Aikido is a non-violent, non-aggressive, and non-competitive practice that avoids injury because of it’s harmonious nature.

Aikido focuses on strong posture, basic movements and techniques, specifically designed to develop refined, technical proficiency. We seek to forge excellent balance, body center line, and breath power, while timing and speed are added to achieve powerful techniques with minimal strength.

“Aikido is the physical expression of peace.”

-Shihan Jacques Payet


Why Aikido?

Aikido is today’s most useful martial art for every day life. It is a co-operative learning system, were students work together to achieve a specific result. Classes offer an integrated approach to holistic training for everyone. If your primary goals include stress reduction, relaxation, optimal health and well-being, improved fitness, longevity, mobility, greater self-awareness and confidence, refinement of movement, better balance and coordination, and peace of mind, this program is for you.

Aikido classes welcome anyone who loves to move, play, learn and improve. Our program is NOT focused on developing fighters or competitors, it is about becoming balanced and powerful in your life through your movement, your thoughts and your actions. This means that you will learn proper body mechanics, anatomical structure, bio-mechanics, and personal development, with an emphasis on a modern world application of these skill sets. It is a true evolution of movement that must be experienced to be understood. If you are interested in exploring the potential of your self in leadership, in new and inspired ways, these classes for you.

It is our passion that inspires our students to become enthusiastic about achieving self-mastery in their own life.

IMG_2756Working Together

In Aikido, the focus is on developing each individual as a whole. Taking a scientific approach to the mind/body connection, Aikido has helped thousands of people see that they have the choice to live abundant, powerful and healthy lives. As you progress in belt rank you will build upon the base knowledge you have learned from the previous levels.

Aikido has a simple way of demonstrating how to take someone’s balance and take the offender’s energy and use it against them. These strategies are used to gently take the opponent down and then secure them to the ground with a pin, joint lock or a choke, ending in a submission. This puts the defender in a superior position for negotiating. Yoshinkan Aikido also incorporates the spirit of the samurai, in the ways of being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for life’s battles. The calmness, breathing, relaxing, and centering techniques help individuals deal with stress, anxiety and conflict, and are invaluable in todays world.

Aikido techniques remind us about the importance of human preservation and the value of life. This teaches us to perform, and defend an attack with ethical responsibility. We realize that we don’t take it personally, but we must protect ourselves and our families with “tactical benevolence”, which is bringing a confrontation to an end with skill, without violence. Aikido teaches this for a better quality of life.

Aikido for Teens


Focusing on physical health, character development, and confidence, teen Aikido students progress through a traditional curriculum, offering skills which successfully bridge the gap between childhood and adolescence.


By offering tools that improve health and generate positive behaviors, Aikido eases the transition of teenage life. The technical skills taught are rooted in traditional practices, blending effective self-defense with more pliable techniques creating valuable lifelong skills.

Our training etiquette promotes a class setting where respect, kindness and acceptance merge into a supportive peer culture. Students gradually progress from white belt to black belt, by achieving goals and setting higher standards for success.

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Here’s more of what our students are saying about our programs.


We would love the opportunity to meet you and give you a Free introductory tour of our facilities. See for yourself how we can help you gain any of the very real benefits promised above. Before the introductory lesson we will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals and assess which of our programs can best help you achieve those goals.

To apply for a school tour, simply email us at info@aikidonetwork, or call us at (519) 660-0992 and complete the application over the phone.

Don’t wait to make your reservation, because it’s true:

“Few things will improve your life as much as taking classes at Aikido Network Training Centre.”

P.S. Don’t forget to inquire about our family discounts! Check out our great Children’s Martial Arts Program.

Our Japanese Aikido school name: “Seishukan Dojo”

Directly translated, Seishukan means, “Place where the spirit is Master”. The name was given to Derek Bindner in the year 2000, by the highest ranked Yoshinkan Aikido practitioner in the world, Kiyoyuki Terada Shihan, 9th Dan, from Yokohama, Japan.  We have experienced and share a deep and rich heritage among the Aikido centres and enthusiasts around the world.


Our Aikido school logo, the history and the meaning of the symbol

Our logo was modeled after traditional Japanese temples and family crests, or kamon.

In 2010 Derek traveled to Japan for an instructor course, and to seek a master teacher that could take his training to an advanced level. In Japan, he stayed in many temples, trained, and visited many remote areas. It was then, that Derek decided to model the new logo, based on traditional crests he had viewed throughout his travels.

While looking at the circle logo, it appears to be in motion. This is to signify that our training is always progressing and moving forward. The circle is divided into three sections, which represents the trinity of our consciousness: mind, body and spirit. Also, the logo resembles a peace sign, to remind us what our art and practice is about.

A hidden triangle appears in the center, as if you are looking from above, at a spinning top. This suggests that our leadership training is endless, and adaptable, in any environment.

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