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Fusion Aikijitsu

What is Fusion Aikijitsu?

Fusion Aikijitsu is a new world, progressive martial art, that focuses on practical self-protection and strategic thinking, with fluid and FUNctional movement. The Japanese term Aikijitsu, translates as “the Science of Intercepting Force”. The goal is to use the opponents force and energy against them to end a conflict without causing injury when possible. Fusion Aikijitsu blends Aikido and Jiujitsu, with striking and leadership training, making it a versatile art and science. It is a well-balanced practice that teaches, threat detection, conflict navigation, tactical maneuvering, escapes, striking, throws, takedowns, pins, chokes, joint locks and escorting techniques, standing and ground control, and weapon defenses.

Fusion Aikijitstu will teach you how to defend and protect yourself in real life situations. You will learn how to recognize and avoid physical threats, escape if grabbed, and defend against a physical attack, carjacking, armed robbery, faced with a weapon, as well as being punched, tackled, strangled, or dragged into an alley.

Why Fusion Aikijitsu?

The world is chaotic and unpredictable, and life favors the prepared in mind, body and spirit. Fusion Aikijitsu blends together ancient warrior wisdom with modern techniques, and only utilizes what works, and disregards what doesn’t. This makes Fusion Aikijitsu a unique and versatile martial art for today’s society. Our conflicts and challenges are much more diverse than ever before, and we must learn from recent history, how to keep ourselves safe. Now more than ever, we need individuals and leaders that are mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally fit. When an individual is prepared, they are more capable of leading in the midst of conflict and chaos. We believe that there is an athlete and warrior within everyone, and Fusion Aikijitsu training can help individuals awaken these attributes.

Fusion Aikiitsu training will help you build everlasting confidence, courage and clarity, and increase your personal effectiveness, should verbal or physical conflict arise. You will experience a challenging work out, while improving your awareness, emotional resilience, physical readiness, mental toughness and warrior spirit. The physical techniques are both direct, and leverage-based and deal with, but are not limited to, offensive and defensive tactics for all ranges of combat. Single and multiple attacker scenarios are addressed.

How Does Fusion Aikijitsu Training Work?

What sets Fusion Aikijitsu training apart from others, is the teaching methodology, which uses a building block approach to learning and understanding strategic mindset, and functional and fluid movement. Students work with “partners” instead of “opponents” to minimize injury for both participants in each class. This creates an enjoyable experience and fosters an accelerated learning environment. Attaining self-mastery is the ultimate goal, while competition and sparring are optional for those who wish to put their skills to the test.

The physical techniques do not rely on strength, or size, but rather on the intelligent use of tactical strategy and technique to overcome such physical attributes. This type of intelligent and refined training will also lower the amount of energy the individual expends to accomplish his/her objectives. Our secret is in our training method.

Fusion Aikijitsu Syllabus

Fusion Aikijitsu hosts an innovative, and carefully well designed curriculum with a variety of basic techniques that can be mastered with training and practice. Classes are small, challenging, and fun, yet respectful — with no hype or commercialization and with a focus on safety first. Fusion Aikijitsu can complement any martial art. In fact, many of our students and instructors are ranked in other styles as well. It is great for both beginners and advanced students.  It is an effective self-protection system for teens, women, men, travelling professionals, and worldly vacationers.

Each technique must meet the following requirements: easy to learn, easy to remember, AND easy to execute under pressure. There are approximately 150 techniques to learn, to earn a blackbelt in Fusion Aikijitsu, with more advanced techniques to learn after blackbelt. The Bindner Academy believes that you can learn a highly effective movement and self-protection form of martial art in a traditional Japanese training atmosphere without having to engage in external competitions.

Classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30-8:30pm, and Saturday mornings at 10-11am.

Improve your personal health and self-protection skills in 2020, with Fusion Aikijitsu classes!


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