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Goshin Jiu-jitsu


We have all experienced or seen the news lately, about the increasing violence in our society. As a responsible adult, have you ever thought about your ability to protect yourself, your family, or others?

Are YOU Prepared?

Before MMA, Aikido, karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, there was Japanese Jiu-Jitsu—the original hand-to-hand, close-quarter combat martial art of the Samurai.

Goshin Jiu-jitsu is a fusion of traditional and modern martial arts, that takes a progressive approach to self-protection, tactical fitness, and critical/strategic thinking, that is relevant and fun. Goshin Jiu-jitsu works consistently because it is based on verbal commands with physical options, that employ simple applied physics, proper body-mechanics, timing, angles, and redirection of force.

Translated from Japanese, Goshin means “Self-preservation/ protection”, and Jiu-jitsu means “Pliable Science/ art”. The Goshin style of Jiu-jitsu was originally written in 1997, by founder Derek Bindner, and is constantly being up-dated to keep relevant with our times. GJJ strives to navigate conflict peacefully, ethically, responsibly, and with minimal to zero chance of injury to every practitioner. GJJ is a fun and versatile practice that teaches, threat detection, mindset, conflict navigation, tactical maneuvering, escapes, striking, throwing, take-downs, pins, chokes, joint locks and escorting techniques, in both standing and ground control. GJJ uses armed and unarmed scenario-based training to educate and prepare each participant.. Private and group classes are for teens and adults.

How Does Goshin Jiu-jitsu Work?

What sets GJJ training apart from others, is the teaching methodology, which uses a building block approach to learning and understanding strategic mindset, with functional, tactical, and fluid movement. Students work with “partners” instead of “opponents” to minimize injury for both participants in each class. This creates an enjoyable experience and fosters an accelerated learning environment.

The physical techniques do not rely on strength, or size, but rather on the intelligent use of tactical strategy and technique to overcome such physical attributes. This type of intelligent and refined training will also lower the amount of energy the individual expends to accomplish his/her objectives. Our secret is in our training method.

Goshin Jiu-jitsu Syllabus

GJJ hosts an innovative, and carefully designed curriculum with a variety of basic techniques that can be learned with training and practice. Classes are small, challenging, and fun, yet respectful — with no hype or commercialization and with a focus on safety first. GJJ can complement any martial art. In fact, many of our students and instructors are ranked in other styles as well. It is great for both beginners and advanced students.  It is an effective self-protection system for teens, women, men, travelling professionals, and worldly vacationers.

Each technique must meet the following requirements: easy to learn, be universal, easy to remember, AND easy to execute under pressure. The Bindner Academy believes that you can learn a highly effective movement and self-protection form of martial art in a traditional Japanese training atmosphere without having to engage in external competitions.

Classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30-8:30 pm.

Goshin Jiu-jitsu– Preparedness breeds confidence!


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