Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Aikido Network and the Seishukan Dojo website. This notice explains the website’s online and offline information gathering practices and the way personal information is collected, used and protected by the Network. The policy also explains under what circumstances the Network cannot protect your privacy. Our privacy policy covers the Aikido Network, the Seishukan Dojo, and the website only. If you link to another site via the Aikido Network website, this privacy policy no longer applies, and users should check the privacy policy of any sites they visit outside of the Network’s site.

Privacy refers to the right of an individual site visitor to allow personal information to be collected by a host site, and to know what type of information is collected and how it is used. Confidentiality is the right of an individual to not have personal information disclosed to others without that individual’s express informed consent.

What the Aikido Network Does Not Do

The Network will never share any identifiable information about you. The Network will not, under any circumstances, provide your email address to third parties.

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