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What People are Saying About Bindner Academy.

I hold Warriorfit and Derek Bindner responsible for putting me on a better path in life that I am still on today. It is not only a great workout, it teaches you that when the going get’s tough and your brain is screaming at you to stop, you really can push past that and actually learn to enjoy or embrace the challenge at hand. I feel that has translated into not only me being in the best physical shape of my life, at 42 years old, I also feel I can make better decisions as a business owner and more importantly, a father. I now crave taking on new physical and mental challenges and conquering them… and then of course passing on that knowledge and mindset to my children, and others, and leading them by example.

I joined a Warriorfit class in March of 2017 and kept going for a year or more. I was not in shape… I was never an athlete and didn’t play sports at any point in my life… I didn’t know what to expect… but it was a truly life altering decision to attend that first class, and I’m very thankful I did.

D. Davis

We’re all enjoying our Aikido classes. Alex likes the what she describes as the ‘zen energy’ feeling that we get after a class. She also really likes the self defense potential of the art. Aeden says he likes the techniques a lot. And both kids love the swords warm-ups on Fridays (me too!). I like the challenge of the art itself. It engages my whole body and mind more than Taekwondo. And for all of us, I like that these adult classes actually feel like adult classes – fun and friendly, but taken seriously.

Nica B.

The Bindner Academy run by Derek Bindner is a terrific experience. I have had both my son and daughter in the children’s program for several years. They look forward to attending the lessons and Derek does a great job keeping the sessions fun and entertaining for the kids while teaching the art of Aikido and other self defense very effectively. As kids do, they can get discouraged when a technique eludes them but Derek is fantastic at pulling them through those moments with light hearted encouragement. I myself have been taking lessons in the adult program and while challenging, Derek and the other group of students both senior and beginner make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. We have taken private lessons as a family each week with Derek and over the years this one-on-one attention has helped enhance our progress immensely. Highly recommended.
John Hauffe, MA
Co-Owner Mac Outpost and Outpost2
London, Ontario, Canada

I like how it makes the kids feel after class.  They are filled with pride and awesomeness.

J. Suderman

The instructors’ communication and delivery of instructions to students is excellent.

B. Gauci

The inclusivity and atmosphere are amazing.  Everyone is very welcoming and no one gets judged.

H. Al-Abadilah

It helps my son to find his inner peace, and react to difficult situations appropriately.

A. Hutchinson

The fact that you teach aikido, as well as, prepare/help with real world things.

D. Davis

We love the life lessons and analogies about problem solving.  Curtis’ answer is “cross step and body change.”

S. Gunn

A remarkable learning environment for both adults and children. Sensei Bindner’s passion, humility, ability and kindness are always on display and reflected broadly in the dojo culture. Don’t take my word for it; drop in and see for yourself!

Dr. Mark Daley

Sensei Derek is such a great, passionate and fun teacher. The environment at Aikido Network is very welcoming for children and adults alike. I’m a very glad that I found this place! Highly recommend you check it out, they have all kinds of programs to chose from.

Greg Proulx

Excellent dojo! Excellent instruction! So grateful for Sensei Derek’s dedication to building such an amazing Aikido dojo. I drive 2.5 hrs to take these classes and it is totally worth it. If you are in London and love Aikido, there is no reason to miss a chance to train here! Thanks Sensei Derek!
Katya Gris

“Sensei Bindner is a dedicated, patient, generous and skillful leader who sets a tone of respect and courtesy in everything he does. His discipline, compassion and professionalism evoke the best in the people around him. His expertise produces the highest quality results. Whether you are looking for a dojo to join, or a specialized training program for your agency, Derek Bindner can provide excellence in every aspect of program delivery. He has the uncommon ability to teach and engage students of all ages and aptitudes, and to inspire people to engage and experience the rewards of effort.”
 Andrea McIntyre

Aikido is doing miracles for my six year old in her confidence, compassion, calmness and focus. Amazing results in a timely manner. Love it!

Rachel Cree-Lowe

Initially I came to Aikido because I thought it would be a good father and son (Nathan) activity for us. Something to do together. As I learned more about the art and philosophy of Aikido, I found that it complimented most of the values and insights in life I had already discovered through the practice of Yoga and other organizations I had affiliated myself with through-out my life. I decided to accept the challenge of the Belt System because I believed it would enrich my life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that the path Aikido has laid out before me is honest, has integrity, is challenging and holds me to a high standard encouraging me to become a better human being. I very much appreciate the leadership and encouragement of Sensei Derek and have enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement of the Adult Class over the last few weeks. To me, Aikido Network seems to be a great place to share, expand and expend my energy. I look forward to many years of learning and growing through the Aikido Process.

Bruce Lacey

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to grow today and I want to thank you for creating such a great environment. Your hard work tending the garden is producing fruit that we all get to share.

 Thanks, George G

I am 69 years old, and have been taking Aikido for approximately one and a half years.

Aikido has helped me in the following ways by:

  • increasing flexibility
  • increasing concentration
  • increasing balance
  • providing achievable goals
  • providing a very good physical workout in which, at my age, I can participate

All the above benefits result in my feeling more alive.

In addition to these benefits, Aikido is also about learning to defend oneself against an attack (an area of increasing concern for many of us seniors). One learns to defend not by using strength and violence against an attacker (which of course, for our age group, would likely be futile against a younger male), but by using the attacker’s strength and energy against him (something that though practice I have been able to do successfully against much younger male club members than myself).

I also like this particular club. Sensei Derek Bindner and the other instructors have been extremely enthusiastic, helpful, and patient. They make me feel a part of the club. Here, I am allowed to progress at my own slow pace and never feel pressured into trying keep up to the younger members in an adult class (in my case that would include anyone between 15 and 76 years old).

Dr. David Vollick

I have been a student at Aikido Network for more than one year, as has my son in the kid’s classes. Having a background in other “striking” martial arts, I have found Aikido to be both a peaceful, yet equally *powerful* martial art. Since I have been taking lessons I feel that Aikido has become more than an obligation to show up and train; rather it has become a way of life. Aikido was definitely what was missing in my life, which can get rather chaotic. It gives me a chance to centre myself, slow down and breathe; all of this while getting in exercise and connecting with fellow classmates who have become friends. It has helped me build newfound confidence and manage stress more efficiently. I would recommend Aikido Network as Sensei Derek Binder provides a welcoming / safe environment to train and first class instructors.

Shonna E.

The Aikido Network has had a positive impact on my son in many areas.  With the guidance of Sensei Bindner and his dedicated teaching staff, my son has been able to figure out what it means when he is asked to focus.  In turn, practicing these focusing techniques at home and in school, makes his ADHD more manageable.

At home, he is often happy to clean up his room, do his homework, practice his aikido and maintain overall good behaviour, in order to earn his “stripes” so that he can proceed to his next belt.

Within the dojo, the instructors create a safe, respectful and comfortable learning environment.  They know all of the students by name and connect on an individual level.  They have created an atmosphere of fun, with opportunities for the kids to make new friends.

What I love most about the Aikido Network is how much my son enjoys attending!

K. Toulouse

I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve in their confidence, stamina, and physical and mental well-being to consider Aikido.  It is an amazing martial art that can be performed by anyone of almost any age.  Sensei Bindner and the other teachers provide exceptional care and attention to help you reach your goals – whether it be obtaining your next belt or a black belt.  They are truly sincere in their efforts and make each class an enjoyable and wonderful learning experience.  I wish I had started when I was younger!!

Dr. Jack M. Scott, Ph.D.

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