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Who Am I? Part 7 by David Volick

The following continues from Part 6. 4. Realize that you can have control over your fear. How, by facing it. For example, I have learned that if I have a feeling that I should do something but begin to waffle (thinking, “Ah, why bother, it is not

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Who Am I? Part 6 by David Volick

In part 5, I discussed a couple a ways that will help you “live in the now”. Remember, in the present there rarely are any negative experiences such as fears (unless you’re suddenly confronted with a real danger), doubts; or negative emotions, thoughts, or memories. Chronic stress

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Who Am I? Part 5 by David Volick

In Part 4, I discussed how important it is to “live in the now”. You will need to find a method that suits you in order to develop this ability – it certainly will never happen on its own. Also in Part 4, I provided one example

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Who am I? Part 4 by David Volick

On part 3, I described two ways of defeating a fear: LIVE IN THE NOW and GO FOR WHATEVER YOU ARE AFRAID OF DOING. The last way is the clearest and possibly the easiest. For instance, you fear accepting a new position with a new company in

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Who Am I? Part 3 by David Volick

In this part, I want to spend some time describing specifically how to overcome this fear of becoming your true-self. Remember, anytime something in your environment will force you to become more of your true-self (taking on more responsibility, becoming more public, etc.) you will experience this

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Who Am I ? Part 2: by David Volick

Hi again. Last month I discussed how we all, to some degree, develop personalities (which I will call our personas) that are in conflict with our true-selves (which I essentially defined as genetic predispositions).  Recall that I mentioned that we develop personas because the behaviours of our

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Who Am I ? Part 1: by David Volick

Hi all. This is the first of a series of monthly articles that will appear in the Aikido Network News Letter. These articles will focus on self-growth, your self-growth. If you have found your passion and you believe that you are being who you think you were

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