Is Martial Arts training right for You?

Take a quick quiz to help you decide. Answer the questions below (1 is the lowest 5 the highest)

  1     2     3     4     5
1. I need to increase my current level of confidence.
2. I need to increase my understanding of conflict avoidance
3. I want to feel more comfortable with my body
4. I am not an aggressive person by nature
5. I didn’t enjoyed the striking and kicking martial art I took previously
6. I am willing to train 3 or more hours a week
7. I would like to practice a martial art that I can actually use in everyday life
8. I would like to meet friendly, intelligent people
9. I’d like to know myself better
10. I want to control my anger
11. I want to remain centred in conflict
12. I would like to increase my mental, and physical sharpness
13. I would like to learn more about non-violent conflict resolution
14. I would like to be more relaxed in life
15. I like a clean, bright, relaxed environment
16. I like small class sizes

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