Why Bindner Academy?

Why Bindner Academy?

Everything that we do, is designed to create positive change in individuals, impact our world, and make a difference. We believe in people, we value people, and we see them not for who they are, but for who they could become. Personal growth does not happen automatically. It includes intentional development in all areas – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. The world is beautiful and unpredictable, and life favors the prepared in mind, body and spirit. We challenge the status quo, and our students, to live an unbeatable life. Nothing is more important than your health and personal safety.

Measurable Results That Matter

Beyond believing in what we do, Bindner Academy believes in results. Even more so, we believe in the members who repeatedly share with us the sustainable impact our training solutions have had on their lives at work, and at home. Participants report that applying the martial arts principles learned during our classes, has helped them enjoy sustainable behavior change and improved wellness.

Since 1997, Bindner Academy has been a pioneer in helping individuals reach their potential, by increasing their confidence, courage and clarity levels, and crafting proven training solutions that help improve human performance. We have determined that in order to achieve worthwhile purposes, we must increase our energy capacity in five key areas (dimensions)—physical, emotional, mental, intuitional/awareness, and spiritual. Skillfully managing energy in these areas is what allows us to fully optimize our potential, talents and skills.

What Some Members Have Experienced

The results below are based on self-reported data provided by adult participants.

  1. They are more engaged with life
  2. They are more engaged in taking care of their health
  3. Successful management of their mental energy
  4. Successful management of their physical energy
  5. They are more productive in life and at work
  6. They are more resilient, happy and healthy

Areas of Notable Impact Reported

(From the 5 Dimensions of Training)

Physical: Higher energy, fitness and readiness, and frequency of exercise.
Emotional: Sustained levels of confidence, positive feelings, and resilience.
Mental: Increased mental toughness, focus and preparation for daily life.
Spiritual: Higher feelings of being connection to purpose, and fully engaged with work and personal life.

Awareness/Intuitional: Improved self-awareness, connection, and listening to their inner voice (gut feeling).

Significant progress was also reported in improved personal relationships, enjoyment of personal interests, as well as higher levels of work engagement.

Everyone Benefits!

Bindner Academy is the ideal place for anyone aged 5 to 85 in the London and Middlesex area to train in martial arts, movement, mindset, and self-protection. We believe that everyone deserves a rewarding lifestyle, with proper self-protection information, and martial arts education. Certified instructors will lead, coach, and encourage students through every class, all while having a great time in a friendly, open, and relaxed atmosphere.

Our students have fun and learn proven techniques in a supportive, team-oriented environment. The professionalism, cleanliness and organization of our full time school, the clarity and competence of our instructors, the quality of our students and the efficiency of our study, distinguish Bindner Academy from other martial arts schools. We ensure that each student, regardless of age, gender, background or experience level, receives the most out of his or her training. We achieve this through, private, and small to medium group instruction, and keeping our instructors current with leading edge training and education through workshops and seminars. After all, we must be students, as well as teachers to be able to deliver unparalleled martial arts and self-protection instruction.

Bindner Academy’s 23 year record:

As an established, professional organization, we believe in 5 key components in order to be a successful training facility.

  1. Safety: All our instructors are certified and registered. Safety in numbers means that we limit every class to avoid confusion and injury.
  2. Cleanliness: Our facility is swept and vacuumed every day, and floors (matted areas) are washed/disinfected six times a year. A dirty facility is not where you want to train!
  3. Fitness: Our classes use every muscle group in each workout. The regular practice of martial arts will enhance your fitness level in the following areas; Cardiovascular, Strength, Balance, Speed, Concentration, Awareness, and Calmness.
  4. Practicality: The regular practice of martial arts over an extended period of time under the guidance of a certified instructor will significantly enhance your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones effectively and efficiently, if the need should ever arise.
  5. Fun and Fulfilling: When we participate in activities and/or events, we expect to enjoy ourselves and meet fun and interesting people. You will meet regularly, train intensely, and mix with a fun and exciting community of like-minded people.

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