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Why we do what we do:

The world is beautiful and unpredictable, and life favors the prepared in mind, body and spirit. Everything we do is designed to create positive change. We believe in people, we value people, and we see them not for who they are, but for who they could become. We challenge the status quo, and our students, to live their life’s masterpiece every day.

Who we are and what we do:

Bindner Academy is a team of experienced, professional, certified instructors with the ability to teach Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, and movement to anyone who walks through our door. We are driven to help transform mindsets by empowering people to fulfill their human potential.

How we Impact: Through presentations, seminars and classes in…

  1. Aikido
  2. Jiu-Jitsu
  3. Movement

Our Passion, Purpose and Mission:

To inspire and empower students to achieve excellence in health, character and wellness through our self protection, fitness and movement training systems.

Our Curriculum and Instructors:

Our curriculum is professionally designed, and taught by certified instructors, who undergo continuous leadership training, under the guidance of chief instructor Derek Bindner.

Our Customer Care:

From the first time and every time someone walks through our doors, they are greeted with honour and respect. This standard of excellence is held not only by our staff and instructors, but by our students as well.

Our Vision:

A world with confident individuals leading by example, and inspiring others with integrity, courage and discipline.

Our Philosophy:

You become what you think about and practice most. Our lives are a mixture of our personal beliefs, values and actions, which determines the significance of our lives.

Our Belief:

In life under pressure, we seldom rise to the level of our expectation, rather we sink to the level of our training. A well trained individual is unbeatable.

Our Success:

Comes from the power of invitation, word of mouth, and the culture of excellence that we value and up-hold. Our community is our treasure.

Body Ready?… Mind Set?…GROW!

“Let Our Passion Inspire You!”

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