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About the Aikido Network

Established in 1997, Aikido Network Training Centre quickly distinguished itself from conventional martial arts schools by bringing together all the right elements for helping individuals achieve peace of mind, and live with purpose, power, passion and presence. Aikido Network combines the most highly-skilled and enthusiastic instructors, an enjoyable setting and a passion for promoting personal growth and success. The result is a unique educational environment that inspires individuals to acquire the life management skills and confidence they need to live safe, happy and healthy lifestyles.

Since its inception, Aikido Network has continued to evolve by adding certified personal and group coaching sessions, keynote speaking events, retreats, training seminars, programs for organizations and corporations, self-defense workshops, and maintenance programs for continuous peak performance levels. It is an educational training institution that helps individuals and organizations achieve their personal best and professional goals.

Our training was initially offered in London, Ontario in 1997 to law enforcement and executive/close protection professionals as extra training in response to the increasing rate of violence in our society. Classes were only offered privately and in small groups because of limited space. As the popularity of our programs grew, Sensei Bindner was encouraged to expand to a larger facility, and feature semi-private classes. On October 1st, 2000, the Aikido Network (Seishukan dojo) opened its doors at 205 Oxford Street at Richmond, offering full time instruction to the general public in Yoshinkan Aikido, Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. Due to rapid growth, in 2003, the Aikido Network expanded it’s facilities to the corner of Commissioners and Boler Road in Byron. Then, growing right along again, moved to 1615 North Routledge Park, unit 6, in Hyde Park on July 1st, 2006. After five years, on September 1st, 2011, in a meaninful and purposeful way, Aikido Network Training Centre doubled the physical space, and moved 145 paces North, to it’s latest headquarters, to units 18 and 19, at the same address.

Under the direction of chief instructor Sensei Derek Bindner, 5th Dan, students are taught the techniques and ways of Yoshinkan Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kokoro Leadership, (through the Warriorfit program).

The professionally developed life-affirming, non-competitive, non-aggressive curriculum taught at Aikido Network has been designed and proven to build mind/body coordination, conflict resolution, and self-protection skills. This is accomplished in a safe, fun, clean, bright, and friendly environment. Side effects for students training at the Aikido Network Training Centre are; increased energy, confidence, centeredness, calmness, positive attitude toward life, and fulfillment.

A special cushioned floor provides comfort and safety for everyone. The positive energy and relaxing atmosphere of the dojo creates an optimal environment for learning, and it’s great fun too! See for yourself, view the kids in action! The Aikido Network’s commitment to superior instruction is one of its fundamental values. Our caring, certified instructors will guide, encourage, motivate, support and empower your child in an appropriate manner that is safe, fun and effective.

If you have a group, business, or school that is looking for a life-improvement program, and would like to incorporate regular on-going classes, an 8-week course, or an hour workshop, Aikido Network customizes programs to suit your needs as required.


Our Japanese school name: “Seishukan Dojo”

Directly translated, Seishukan means, “Place where the spirit is Master”. The name was given to Derek Bindner in the year 2000, by the highest ranked Yoshinkan Aikido practitioner in the world, Kiyoyuki Terada Shihan, 9th Dan, from Yokohama, Japan.  We have experienced and share a deep and rich heritage among the Aikido centres and enthusiasts in the world.


Our school logo, the history and the meaning of the symbol

Our logo was modeled after traditional Japanese temples and family crests, or kamon.

In 2010 Derek traveled to Japan for an instructor course, and to seek a master teacher, that could take his training to an advanced level. In Japan, he stayed in many temples, trained, and visited many remote areas. It was then, that Derek decided to model the new logo, based on traditional crests he had viewed throughout his travels.

While looking at the circle logo, it appears to be in motion. This is to signify that our training is always progressing and moving forward. The circle is divided into three sections, which represents the trinity of our consciousness: mind, body and spirit. Also, the logo resembles a peace sign, to remind us what our art and practice is about.

A hidden triangle appears in the center, as if you are looking from above, at a spinning top. This suggests that our training is endless, and adaptable, in any environment.

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