About our Facility

Bindner Academy is committed to providing superior instruction, safety, and cleanliness. Our specially cushioned facility, large windows, high ceilings, and decor provide comfort and safety for everyone. The positive energy and relaxing atmosphere of our facility creates a culture of excellence; an optimal environment for growing and learning. Because Bindner Academy specializes in small to medium group settings, individual attention is given to every student. With our unique and safe curriculum, our particular style of training goes far beyond the benefits of standard health club exercise programs.

Affordable short and long term courses are offered as well as personal training. Our goal is to accommodate all of our members’ needs. Because our curriculum is varied, we offer something for everyone. Learn how to relax, de-stress, lose weight, stretch, get in shape and protect yourself. You choose the program that is right for you. From ages 3 to 83, we are here to help. Our friendly, certified staff and instructors are here to assist and guide you.

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