Welcome to Bindner Academy!

Study Martial Arts in an ego-free, life-affirming environment in the Northwest village of Hyde Park, in London, Ontario!

Martial arts training has never been more important in our world than right now. Take care of your (and your family’s) mental and physical health and wellness today, and enjoy the Fusion Jiu-jitsu lifestyle!

Now is the perfect time to explore the on-line, and in-person programs at the region’s oldest Jiu-jitsu school, and world headquarters for Fusion Jiu-jitsu. Since 1997, Bindner Academy has helped individuals around the world, by inspiring empowered perspectives through martial arts for vibrant healthy living.

Bindner Academy offers two styles of Jiu-jitsu…


Fusion Jiu-jitsu for personal growth, health and family/self-protection.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for combat sport grappling and physical fitness.


Live streaming in your HOME, and in-person physical distancing, group and private classes at our ACADEMY, OR EVEN in your BACKYARD!

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