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Zen Warrior

Zen Warrior

“Increasing the quality of your physical and mindful movement”


An active recovery class that integrates breath control, posture and meditation, with deep stretching techniques. It is a complimentary class for all of our members, ages 13 and up, and is used to balance the high intensity energy training of our other programs.

In this class, meditation is used as the vehicle for developing mental focus, emotional control and centeredness. Through the use of training in breath control, mindful movement, reflection, and visualization, one can achieve inner strength, peace, and harmony. This unique type of training will keep you on the path of enlightenment, allowing you to live with more authenticity, integrity and spiritual alighnment.

Regular meditation practice will improve the ability to concentrate more fully, think more clearly, and become centered in everyday life. When we improve these skills, we are able to make better descisions, be more present and aware, and live life to the fullest. The physiological benefits include the lowering of the heart rate, reducing blood pressure, enhancing oxygen exchange, and improving glandular function.

Beginner students are instructed on the correct way to practice zazen (seated meditation). Students may sit on a seiza bench, which facilitates alignment of the body and lengthening the spine, which inturn aids in proper breathing, circulation and release of tention.

Participants are welcome to bring their own seiza bench, towel and yoga mat to each class.




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