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What is Warriorfit?

Warriorfit is an integrated leadership training program that unlocks human potential, accelerates performance, and forges mental toughness. Warriorfit blends the perfect balance of leadership training with functional fitness, yoga, and self-defense techniques, to form a personal development program that will empower you to be a better leader, no matter where you lead.


Who is Warriorfit for?

You are capable of more than you know. Warriorfit is for those who want to become more effective in their life, by being a better parent, spouse, teammate and/or leader. The Warriorfit lifestyle allows one to stand up for their beliefs, and to act with clarity, purpose and intentionallity. This includes professionals, executives, athletes, stay-at-home moms and dads, young people going off to university or college, world travellers and anyone who seeks to reach their fullest potential.


Why Warriorfit?

The world is chaotic, busy and unpredictable. We have less time these days, with things pulling at us from all directions, including work, family, friends, and unknown enemies. Now more than ever, we need “sheepdogs” and leaders that are mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally fit. When an individual is Warriorfit, they are more capable of leading in the midst of conflict and chaos, with clarity and purpose. Warriorfit is a motivational program that will help you start living with more passion, power, presence and purpose.  We believe that there is a leader and warrior within everyone, and sometimes it takes a little help to awaken these human characteristics. You will learn proven techniques and strategies for positive, sustainable life change, and achieving personal peak performance levels.

Mental Toughness Training

WFClassRoom Learn how to strengthen your:

  • Warrior Spirit
  • Mental Toughness
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Physical Readiness
  • Budoshin (how to conduct oneself in an honourable and respectable manner)
  • Zanshin (a state of awareness)
  • Mushin (a state of no mind)



About the program

The Warriorfit program is divided into 22 lessons, with each class running 90 minutes long, so that you can complete the course at your own pace. Each lesson is designed so that you can start at any point in the course, and complete the 22 lessons in any order.

In the striking and defensive portion of the Warriorfit program, you will learn the 22 essential self-defense techniques from the most common attacks in society today, ranging from a common wrist grab assault from standing, to being pinned to the ground by an aggressive assailant. Warriorfit defensive training is based on the practical application of technique and leverage to overcome an opponent. It does not rely on strength, size or speed, but rather the intelligent use of strategy, technique and spirit to overcome such physical attributes. Warriorfit is a moral and ethical program that anyone can learn, regardless of age or physical fitness level.

The functional fitness portion of the Warriorfit program utilizes one’s own bodyweight with minimal equipment to create a fun, safe and injury free exercise experience. You can start the program anytime and participate in any class without previous experience.

Upon registration, you will receive a Warriorfit workbook and attendance card on which we will track your progress until course completion. Once you have successfully completed each of the 22 lessons, you will be awarded a certificate at the time of graduation.

WFCloseupChrisOn-going, indoor and outdoor classes are held Saturday mornings, and are limited to only 20 participants. No prior experience required, and you don’t have to be an athlete to begin. 

Warriorfit is remarkably effective, fun, and scalable to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced trainees.

Warriorfit Safety

The instructors teach and demonstrate all the physical skills, and coach warriors while they practice. You will be amazed by the power and control you will develop as a result of learning and then practicing simple concepts under the safe supervision of our highly trained certified coaches.


The Coach

Warriorfit was developed by former executive and close protection specialist team leader Derek Bindner, for the specific needs of those seeking to tap into their greatest leadership potential, and enhancing their personal peak performance capabilities.

Along with studying martial arts and combat sports for over 30 years, a 5th degree black belt in Aikido,  black belts in Ju-jitsu and Tae kwon do, a bronze medalist in Kickboxing, and coach of 3 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu multiple gold medal earners, Derek  is a 12 year veteran door person, with many years of experience leading in conflict.


What benefits will I receive?

The benefits of Warriorfit training go far beyond improved leadership skills. Participants enjoy:

  • Self-Motivation
  • More vital energy
  • Better relationships
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A take charge attitude
  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • Increased self-esteem and assertiveness
  • Increased focus and effectiveness at work
  • The ability to activate the “flow state” more often
  • Remaining calm during chaos, stress or crisis
  • Feeling “Awake and Alive


Life favours the prepared in mind, body and spirit. What is your greatest life challenge?

“The WarriorFit program run by Derek Bindner at the Aikido Network is a challenging and enjoyable workout. The self-defense program Derek teaches as part of the boot camp are practical and he gives detailed instruction on how and when to implement each technique. As usual, Derek always keeps the mood of the sessions light and fun but works his students hard at the same time. Highly recommended and I will be returning again when I can fit it into my schedule.”

John Hauffe, MA
Co-Owner Mac Outpost and Outpost2
London, Ontario, Canada


Classes are on-going, and is limited to only 20 participants. Call 519-660-0992 or email us at to register NOW!

SIGN UP NOW and Tap in to the Warrior leader within!

Before applying to the Warriorfit program, all candidates should make themselves familiar with the definition below…

Warrior Leadership

You are a leader. Whether it’s being a leader to yourself, your clients, team members, friends, or your kids, you lead.

We believe that there is an athlete, leader and warrior within everyone. The question is, how do you lead?

There are many different ways to lead, depending on your personality. A warrior leader defines leadership as a verb, not a noun, and leads by example. A warrior leader knows exactly who they are, their purpose, their values, what they stand for, and merges their mind and their heart in action.

Warrior leadership is a powerful, selfless, motivating and unique leadership style which is rooted in Bushido. Bushido is a Japanese word for “The way of the warrior”. In other words, it is a particular moral code of excellence, strength and bravery, in service to humanity.

To be a warrior leader is to embody the character traits of discipline, drive, determination, integrity, respect, service, honor, courage, compassion and confidence. A warrior leader wins in the mind before the battle, and knows that in a crisis situation, one never rises to their level of expectation, but rather sinks to his/her level of training. A warrior leader is constantly seeking improvement to better serve others, and is on a never-ending path to self-mastery. The warrior leader strives to forge an unbeatable mind, an unconquerable spirit, strength in the body, and emotional resilience. He/she also grows in wisdom, and develops strong intuition. The warrior leader believes in establishing peace and harmony, and sees adversity as opportunity. A warrior leader is aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses, seeks mentors for guidance and, forms strategic alliances to advance and secure the mission for the greater good. Warrior leaders know that failure is encountered on the road to success, which leads to significance, and chooses to always fail forward fast and grow from his/her mistakes. The warrior leader sees FEAR as a False Emotion Appearing Real, and understands that conflict does not equal contest.  Instead, the warrior leader seeks a win-win, or win-learn outcome, and takes extreme ownership.

Besides serving unselfishly, the greatest asset of the warrior leader is his/her ability to emanate truth, wisdom and love. This is demonstrated when putting the team, or others first, and being mindful of the big picture. Great leaders know that inspiration, motivation and momentum are driven by passion and purpose, and are fueled by the mission. Everyone has a desire to be part of something bigger, and to have a sense of pride in making a difference.

With leadership comes great responsibility and accountability. This is not taken lightly, because… “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.  -John Maxwell

When you are called to go first, how will you lead?



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