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Training for Your Team:

Among the Most Effective, Integrated and Interactive training in Leadership and Peak Performance available for Tribes Today…

Workshops from 30 minutes to one full day

It is a well-established fact that when employees and managers feel calm, centered, energized, powerful and respected, the environment in which they function is positively charged and optimized for success. Productivity, performance and efficiency levels can rise dramatically, and absenteeism and staff turnover significantly reduced.

Would you like to provide a useful and lasting learning experience for your organization or team? Begin with these programs designed to meet a range of workplace challenges. The titles and objectives will give you an idea of what to expect based on the subject.

We will meet with you to create a program that’s specific to you and your group’s needs.

How does this type of training benefit the employer?

These interactive training workshops translate into effective resource management, unleashing the employees’ hidden potential to deal with today’s aggressive environment. As a result, statistics prove that stress-related absenteeism and staff turnover is reduced. Therefore, morale is raised, and more emphasis is put on workplace positivity, creating a better sense of employee loyalty to the company.

We teach both staff and managers how to develop truly effective resolution skills, the dynamics of positive/cooperative relationships and masterful leadership abilities. Participants will grow as individuals, and your organization will prosper as a direct result of their enhanced personal confidence, the application of newly learned, practical skills and a heightened general awareness. Tangible benefits for both parties are assured – a win/win endeavor!


Embodied Resilience: REconstructing Organizational Culture

Is your organization enduring challenging times? Whenever facing tough times adapting to change, the natural instinct is to retreat. Experience real and instant results, and lasting change using these strategies for overcoming fear, change, worry, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs. This workshop is available in small or large groups, and individual settings.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Work through change and remain resilient
  2. Meet adversity with a cultivated sense of well-being
  3. Improve performance through the mind-body connection
  4. Change their “state” for peak performance
  5. Maintain composure in difficult situations
  6. Co-create with other employees


Navigating Conflict: A Roadmap through the storm

The perception that conflict equals contest, struggle, and stress has a profound impact on how it is managed by individuals and organizations. This workshop will help you find new ways to deal with conflict effectively and utilize its energy. Emphasis is on appreciation, understanding and working with your “opponents” instead of against them. You will examine beliefs about conflict that hold you back, practice skills such as centering, listening, and managing emotions, and strengthen your ability to make new choices. This workshop is about managing self in stress and conflict by changing your viewpoint, and influencing others.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Initiate healthy conflict from trust
  2. Recognize, and navigate the 3 conflict strategies
  3. Make communicating effortless and powerful
  4. Create harmonious win/win relationships
  5. Create a state of centeredness in conflict
  6. Turn conflict into productive energy


Warriorfit Leadership: The power of Centre

Stress build-up is a main contributor to the deterioration of health, productivity, and vibrant living today. Along with feelings of frustration and anger, stress is a thief of balance and productive energy. This workshop will provide methods and tools to relieve pressure, and allow the leader to maximize his/her potential.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Become Centered in daily life
  2. Instantly sharpen the mind and relax the body
  3. Turn stress into productive energy
  4. Let go of old negative programing
  5. Find their leadership style


Building a Strong Tribe: Changing the Perspective

This program is for those who like to immerse themselves in the educational experience. You will go to a martial arts”dojo” (place of practice), put on a gi (practice uniform) and learn how to blend with an attack – both physical and verbal – and practice applying aikido principles to everyday workplace conflicts. Purpose: To provide an “out-of-the-box” training experience for overcoming fear, self-doubt and insecurity. This program is available in small and medium group, and individual settings.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Function “in the moment” of chaos
  2. Work through adversity and be resilient
  3. Make better decisions in the face of fear
  4. Change their “state” for peak performance
  5. Overcome obstacles with grace and power
  6. Turn indecision into immediate action
  7. Co-create with other tribe members


Tactical Benevolence: Navigating Physical Aggression

Based on the strategies of Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu, this course is specifically designed for individuals working in potentially hostile or aggressive environments, and provides a basic understanding in methods of subject control tactics without injuring the aggressor(s). This program is available in small and medium group, and individual settings.

Participants will learn:

  1. Verbal commands with physical options
  2. Reactionary gap and tactical positioning
  3. Escapes, come-alongs and takedowns
  4. Escort positions and pressure points
  5. Pins, controls, and submissions


Aikido Retreat: Relax and Recharge your batteries

Unmanaged stress and unresolved conflict has reached epidemic proportions in society today. This retreat will relax and energize individuals, while offering fresh new ways to manage aggressive environments and situations. This involves bringing the mind and body together, using simple and powerful kinesthetic exercises and techniques from the gentle martial art of Aikido (the way of harmony with energy). Learn how to “flow with” your “partner”, rather than “work against” your “opponent”, in a relaxed, centered state.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Create a state of centeredness in everyday life
  2. Make life more effortless and powerful
  3. Turn stress into productive energy
  4. Create harmonious relationships
  5. Explore their authenticity


Customized training workshops may be commissioned upon request. Duration times for the current workshops may be shortened or extended as required.

For more information, or to book your training, call 519-660-0992 or email

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