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Aiki-Jitsu Tactics

Aiki-Jitsu Tactics: Not your typical “Defensive Tactics” training program!


Aiki-Jitsu Tactics is an Integrated Safety Training program for professionals in law enforcement, EMS and the medical healthcare field.

In this unique, physical and comprehensive safety training program, attendees “work in”, as well as “work out”. This means, that in addition to working the typical “defensive tactics” physical techniques ONLY, the AJT program integrates, teaches and seeks to develop the other essential skills of:

  • Mental Toughness
  • Emotional Control
  • Awareness/Intuition
  • Physical Readiness
  • Warrior Spirit

Aiki-Jitsu Tactics is made of only the fundamental, practical and useful techniques and strategies of the martial arts, and performance psychology. Leadership is best shown through example. We use what works and discard what doesn’t. AJT can be described in two words as, “Tactical Benevolence”, meaning “bringing something to an end with skill, in a humane way”.

Aiki-Jitsu Tactics is a personal defense system that is specifically designed to end physical aggression, without delivering harm to either the aggressor or the defender. It is ethical, responsible, benevolent, and is suitable for every available essential service, where dealing with the public is required. AJT training assists employers by helping improve their employees’ speed of descision making, and appropriate action taking skills. This results in an improved profile in the community, and enhances relationships with the general public.

“Today, assaults against law enforcement officers and EMS professionals are at an all-time high. In order to accommodate the needs of our clients during these changing times, we have integrated the most highly-effective, easy-to-learn and retain, physical readiness, and performance psychology strategies, into a comprehensive defensive tactics control system available today.”



Enhanced Presence

Any law enforcement officer or EMS professional who is not capable of defending him or herself against a physical attack will display less confidence than one who can. This weak “presence” is easily detectable and will often cause a suspect/patient to challenge the authority of the professional. Once the professional learns the techniques designed to keep them safe during the worst case scenarios, he or she no longer needs to fear the subject. The AJT system is known to boost the essential services professional’s confidence more significantly than any other factor. This newly-found confidence enhances the professional’s presence which the offender immediately detects, making them less likely to assault the professional from the start.

Reduced Liability

A fact: Any law enforcement or EMS professional who is not confident in their ability to control a subject with their hands is more prone to resort to violence, and/or use their weapon prematurely. All it takes is one excessive use of force incident to dramatically alter the stability of the essential service and their relationship with the community they serve. Since the AJT system is based on controlled pain compliance techniques rather than uncontrollable strikes, the physical damage to the suspect is kept to an absolute minimum. Lawsuits and charges of brutality decrease significantly when the AJT system is employed.

About the Physical training in AJT

AJT is integrated system that is based on ONLY the practical application of technique and leverage to overcome an aggressive opponent. It does not rely on strength, size, or speed, but rather on the intelligent use of strategy and technique to overcome such physical attributes. What is required is stamina, technique and spirit. In this unique program, law enforcement and EMS professionals will learn safe methods of employing the mechanical advantage, using fulcrums and levers, body mechanics, combining well-timed movements, efficient techniques, training methods and strategies. This type of intelligent training will not only lower the frequency and severity of injuries, but will also lower the amount of energy the professional expends to accomplish his/her objectives.


Up coming seminars:

2017, Montreal, Quebec.

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