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Why we do what we do:

We believe in people, we value people, and we see them not for who they are, but for who they could become. We live in an uncertain and unpredictable world, and life favors the prepared in mind, body and spirit. A positive mindset, proper fitness and safety training, and traditional core values are foundational to living a rewarding life. Personal growth, self-leadership, and constant improvement are essential on the journey towards self-mastery. We believe in challenging the status quo, and our students, to bring out their very best, and encourage them to lead with confidence, courage and discipline. A purpose-driven life with harmony and energy is the Aikido Network lifestyle.


Who we are and what we do:

Aikido Network Training Centre exists to prepare and equip individuals to navigate life’s challenges and to inspire people to optimum levels of performance. We are driven to help transform mindsets by empowering people to fulfill their potential.

ANTC will instill well-being, confidence and belief in our students, and fulfill the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients.

Who Aikido Network is for:

Aikido Network IS NOT for those who seek comfort as their highest priority.
Aikido Network IS for those who don’t settle for less than they can be, and wish to contribute to their family, team and community.

Our Mission:

To inspire, empower, challenge, and equip individuals to ignite their human potential, and leadership capabilities. We use ancient warrior wisdom to guide us on the path towards self-mastery.


Our Passion:

Growing and equipping others with the ability to do remarkable things and to lead purposeful and rewarding lives.

Our Vision:

A world of confident and competent people, inspiring others, while leading with integrity, passion and purpose.

Our Philosophy:

You become what you think about and practice most. Our lives are a mixture of our personal beliefs, values and actions, which determine the success of our lives.

Our Belief:

A prepared individual is a confident individual.

Our Goal:

To develop leaders that embody confidence, courage, and discipline.  In our educational environment, we focus on the life-affirming principles of grounding, centering, harmony, balance, relaxation, expression, skillful action, and receptivity, which are learned through the relationship between the mind and the body.


Our Success:

Comes from the power of invitation, word of mouth, and the culture of excellence that we value and up-hold. Our dojo community is our treasure.

How we do what we do:

Our Curriculum:

Our curriculum, taught by highly educated, trained and experienced instructors enables students to achieve their goals, with success being created on the training floor.

Our Instructors:

We believe that we cannot inspire or empower others without leading by example, so our ANTC certified instructors undergo continuous training and follow their own journey of personal growth.

Our Customer Care:

From the first time and every time, someone walks through our doors, they are greeted with honour and respect. This standard of excellence is held not only by our staff and instructors, but by our students as well.


Mind-Body Connection

Aikido Network joins together unique, body and mind training programs that are fun, fulfilling, and useful. Anyone and everyone, regardless of size, age, gender, or fitness level can participate in our programs. Whether you are in shape now, or want to get in shape, there is a program for you! New members are always welcome.

Our classes are non-violent, non-aggressive, non-competitive, 100% defensive, efficient, effective, gentle, safe, fun, and fulfilling. The idea for the student is to learn how to defend themselves from an attacker without causing any injury to the self or the attacker.

Our goal is to provide an educational environment where the principles of grounding, centering, harmony, balance, relaxation, expression, skillful action, and receptivity are learned through the mind, and the body.

The fundamental philosophy of Aikido is based on peace and non-violence. Instead of doing Aikido to or against an opponent, Aikido is done with a partner (uke). Aikido is about entering and blending with energy in all aspects of life. Aikido focuses on the skills and dispositions necessary to preserve harmony in our relations, diffuse conflict and transcend the ego. Since there is no injury delivered to attackers when applying Aikido techniques, it is a very safe art to study. Chances of injury in the dojo are slim because you are not taught how to harm your partner, but rather how to control him/her without injury.

Beginning with the first class, students are taught to use proper body mechanics while performing a technique. If a student abandons their strength, they naturally yield to the strength of an attacker. This philosophy also applies when applying techniques to uke. If a student resorts to strength in order to accomplish a technique, or applies pain, then they are doing the technique incorrectly. Students are encouraged to extend their practice on the mat beyond the dojo into their everyday lives. An Aikidoist seeks to develop the mind, body and spirit as one.

Body Ready?… Mind Set?…GROW!

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