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Our mission is to empower and inspire confidence, discipline and courage, and to promote personal growth in all our clients - changing their lives and the lives of those they touch in the process.

Since 1997, ANTC has inspired hundreds of adults, children, and teens to grow in confidence, develop courage, and forge a "non-quitting" attitude. On-going, certified martial arts and integrated safety training classes and seminars are offered 7 days per week. We also offer special seminars for law enforcement, healthcare, and EMS professionals. Beginner programs for everyone. START TODAY!

We provide a welcoming, ego-free environment, a supportive community, and a clean, spacious facility, essential for personal development and achieving self-mastery. Headquartered in London, Ontario (Hyde Park), the Aikido Network Training Centre has 4 locations to serve you, including Byron, Delaware, and in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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